Tuesday, 26 May 2009



  1. An excellent video on Mahatma Gandhi! Good choice!

  2. i love it goood idea of butting a VIDEO OF YOUR HERO THAT WAS GIVEN TO YOU

    MARTU.R 6A

  3. Thank you ale! y to think that it is a great choice this video. This blog will be great and we (the class) will go far!

  4. Hello Fran, WOW!!! this pictures of Gandi, shows all what he did, without saying a word!!! and that is difficult. I think that to the majority of the people that posted on this blog, likes a lot Gandi, jaja.
    YOUR blog is great...keep on posting
    ps: comment on my post!!!+
    meli b

  5. Hello Mr. Fran (jaja):

    Excellent!!!!I think that the video of Mahatma Gandhi is great!!!!I didn't know that Gandhi had did such things like that!! For me this is great because now in Language I have to search for the biogaphy of him. What I knew is that he was put in jail more 20 TIMES!!! I really liked the video.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro SA. 6B (ex publisher of Bumble bees)

  6. Wow! This was a great post & video!!
    I liked it a lot... I really can't believe the things Mahatma Gandi had to pass through!
    This really was a great hero... but why did you pick him? Was his story the one you read or did you think it was interesting? I really should give answers to your questions normally but i would like to know your reasons... maybe you could to another post giving reasons becuase it is very interesting to know how did you get this idea..

    Good Byee

  7. Hello Fransico!!
    ´The video is excellent, I really enjoy it!! I am really impressed all the things Mahatma Ghandi did!! He is known as a great hero!!!
    Belen of 6b