Sunday, 31 May 2009

The maths problem

Hello 6th !
This is a Maths problem I got from a book from a very famous author of mathematical problems called Adrian Paenza. I hope you like it. I will start posting only one problem and if you want more, comment so I can add more problems.
I recommend you to read it very carefully so you get the right answer. It is not so difficult if you think it twice.For the ones who don`t like maths problems, I tell you that this is more a challenge because it is very fun. Remember read it carefully!!! Post the answer in the comments if you want, or tell me the answer at school.
Here it goes:
You have 10 bags each has one number:1 ,2 ,3 ,4 etc. Each bag has 10 coins each. Every coin weights 10 grams , except for one bag that has 10 coins that weigh 11 grams, (one more gram than the rest.)You also have, a one-pan scales, BUT you can use it only one time.
The problem consists in finding out, which is the bag that has the coins of 11 grams using the scales only one time.
You can`t find out without using the scales , you can`t grab one bag with your hand and decide that this one or that one weighs more! (That is not valid and it is difficult to use your senses)
Try to sort it out!! Quite difficult no?
I hope you can understand it and you like it. I will post the answers tomorrow.


  1. WOW!!!! Miss Ceci will be very happy with this post! It's a real challenge for Y 6 students!
    You can post the answer in two days time.
    All the best!

  2. Hello Eleo,
    The póst is excellent. I think the answer is that you use the one pan balance to wepight a bag of 10 coins that are of 10 grams each and you add a coin to the bag. I tthink that thats not the correct answer but I tried!
    Teh blog is great
    Belu of 6b

  3. Hello Belu!
    That is not the correct answer but I am GLAD you tried!!
    I think you were the first one!!
    know I have posted the answers, so you can try to find another solution to the problem.

  4. Hello Miss Eleonora (jaja):

    I really liked the problem but I didn't reach out to know the answer to the problem.

    See you tomorrow,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B (ex publisher of bumble bees and your neighbour on the lockers)

  5. Hello Eleo, you were that some people don´t like maths like me, but it is very difficult for me, sorry it is not because I don´t want to do it.
    YOUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b