Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hello every body!!!!

As you know or you must know,
we are making fantasy stories with pictures that Miss. Ale is putting on the class walls.
Do you have an idea for your picture?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


To see what I saw you need to follow these instructions:

1) Look at the picture for 30 seconds.

2) After 30 seconds, you need to look to a wall with only one solid colour. Then start blinking your eyes MANY times.

3) ENJOY IT!!!!

4) Coment what you saw


Hi, Boys and Girls, Im marcos,

Have you seen Today?

Well you noticed that there was a --- ----, this means that there was INVENTED the ---- ---, maybe it isn't SOOO interesting for you, but think of something, how would you ---, every time you will need to ---- -- 2 -----, isn't it interesting,we all know it is...??

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Choose your own Fantasy Story

We just made a
Choose your own Fantasy Story
I would like you to answer this question.
Which part of your story did you like most?
Or did you like all the story?????
Today (Tuesday) We saw a video of coldplay Did you like it? If you do not remember which video here is the link
This is a video that I liked. (about Coke and mentos)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Have you ever seen an optical illusion?
If you didn't see one you have the chance of seeing one.There are milions of optical illusions but maybe you thought of the ones in youtube
that a horrible face appears.
If you want and you like it, post
Tomi N.
This one is: Are this lines STRAIGHT or IN BAD ORDER?
(This idea was taken from Andres G. from 6B or bumbelbees).

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Extra Activities

Hello 6th and everyone else who is reading this post:
If you could have extra activities before school, which ones will you choose?
You can also mention the extra activities you do (If you have any).
If you want, you can say why and you can even write the ones you don't like.
Please post
Tomi N.


What is your favourite GAME?

It can be a game you played when you were small or one you play nowadays.
It can be an outdoor game, an indor game (Computer, Play Station, Wii, etc) or both. Also it can be a sport.
Post if you want:
Tomi N.