Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I would like to share with you this.....

Hi everyone,   yesterday I was thinking what I will post on the Blog so I saw a book that talked about animals and I chose to post about an animal that is the Elephant.  
Has ever anyone told you that you have a memory like an Elephant , but do  Elephants really have memory?
 Yes they REALLY HAVE MEMORY . People who work with them can tell us this because when they teach them a type of signs they learn them and don't forget them.  Elephants remember  the people they like and the people they don't like, they also remember good and bad experiences.
Did you know this ? If you didn't  know or you knew please comment on this post.    Thank you.


                                                                                            This photo is taken from : Google.

Friday, 19 June 2009

What do you prefer Home Shooling or going to school?

We have been staying at home due to swine flu. What do you prefer home schooling or coming to school?.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mini holiday's!!!

hello friends
I'm Nico

As we were away from school these past days but with work to do, I want you to tell me the things you did. I went to the football match last week and spent a wonderful time. You could have also gone on a trip,to the farm or even to someone's house and spent a very good time there.

I wait for comments on your wonderful time you spent during these last days.


Monday, 8 June 2009


Hello I am Jose,

Who is your hero???

The creative and interesting answers will get 3 extra housepoints!!(remember putting your name,form and house!)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009



As you know we have aleady done lots of fun projects in IT this year, now it is time to comment about them!!
Answer the following questions:

*Which of the projects did you like most? Give your reasons
*Did you enjoye making your hardware quiz?
*Who was your wiki character? Why?
*What do you prefer, working in groups or alone?, Why?

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Im olivia.b

I hope you enjoy reading this poem full of similes:

As wet as a fish,as dry as a bone,
As live as a bird,as dead as a stone,
As plump as a partrige,as poor as a rat,
As as strong as a horse, as weak as a cat,
As hard as a flint, as soft as a mole,
As white as a lily, as black as a coal,
As red as a rose, as square as a box,
As bold as a thief, as sly as a fox.

Who would you be...?

Im oli.b of 6a
Hello 6 students ,Here I have prepared some questions I wanted to know:

Would you rather be

A HERO or a celebrity?

Tell me your answers in the comment

Monday, 1 June 2009

The answer to the problem

Hello everyone.I told you that I was going to post the answers to the maths problem.
Here it is:
As we can only use one weigh, we gather up the coins in the following way:
1 of the bag nº 1
2 of the bag nº2
3 of the bag nº 3
4 of the bag nº4
5 of the bag nº5
6 of the bag nº 6
7 of the bag nº 7
8 of the bag nº8
9 of the bag nº9
10 of the bag nº10
11 of the bag nº11
12 of the bag nº12
When you finished making these procedure, you will have 55 coins .Then ,place the coins in the one-pan balance. If every coin would weigh 10 grams, the result on the balance would be 550 grams. But, as we gathered up the coins in that way, if the result is 551, the bag that has the 11 gram coins would be bag one because we placed only one coin of the bag one. In the same way, if the result is 562, the bag that has the 11 gram coins would be bag twelve because we placed 12 coins of bag 12.
This is one of the answers, but in the book there are more.
If you find another answer to the problem, just comment.
Tell me if you liked it or not, so if you do, I will post more problems.
I hope you liked the problem.