Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Haunted Castle

Hello everybody!!
I´m Jessica
As we have been talking about ghost stories, I would like to share this one with you, I found it in a magazine and I hope you like it!
Creepy Caretaker
Ireland´s Malahide Castle belonged to the Tabot family for about 800 years, except for a ten-year period after a politician evicted the family. The castle was later retured to them, then sold in 1975. Perhaps the family´s eviction brought about the castle´s most famous ghost. Puck, the spirit of a castle caretaker, it said to show up whenever he doesn´t like something that´s happening at Malahide. One man claims he saw Puck shaking his head disapprovingly just before an auction of the castle´s furnishings. Maybe Puck was still looking out for the Talbot´s welfare....
Do you believe in this story? Or do you think it's just imaginary, or has somebody just invented it?
Please comment!!


  1. A very good idea to relate it to the fantasy world!!!

  2. I don't believe in this story. It's imaginary. By the way Jessica the story is really good. This story isn't realistic but the story is simply great.
    Bye Jessi!!
    Amalia.g 6A

  3. Hello Jessi!!!!
    I liked the post and the foto is great! I think that the story is imaginary and somebody mixedc realiy with it to make it more interesting.

  4. Hi Jessi very good post I liked it a lot it was a great idea . I think it is imaginary . Maybe they invanted it so the peaple would go and see it. But maybe is true , I am not very sure.
    Thank you ,Very good post!
    kisses Vicky I 6a

  5. Hello Jessi,
    Very good post, I loveed it, but I think that it si imaginary, because ghosts dont exsist! Jajajja, or even for me!_ Kissssses Belu D 6b

  6. Hello Jessi,
    Im martu.t. I didn't imagen the casel like that!! Realy big, NO?
    Maetina.Teigeiro 6A

  7. Hello Jessii!!!
    I don't belive in ghost stories ,I never did. I think that that person how says that has seen the ghost must have drank a lot of wine! Maybe he thought he saw it, or he just inventented it becuase he didn't like what they we going to do!
    Very interesting post!
    Jose G.M 6A Monteith

  8. Hi Jessica
    I do not and at the same time believe it. Maybe I say that ghosts do not exist, but if they leave me alone in that castle tonight I would be scared.I also heard about some haunted castles in Scotland and England. The one of scotland is about a backpiper that went tonight threw the castle passages and never came back, and all the nights of I do not know presicly what day of the year you can hear the backpipe. In England, in the tower of London that was an important prision because there they executed the criminals, people say ghosts are there all the nights allthough you can not see them.
    In conclusion I think that if the stories may not be truth in one way because all the region from Great Britain in times like 1600 thought that in the forest there could be phantoms and nomes, but on the other way maybe it is truth.
    thanks for giving this info to us
    ignaciof 6a fleming