Monday, 31 August 2009

In honour to Mother Teresa...

In honor to Mother Teresa, somebody who changed the world with her love, her smile and her incredible big heart.


  1. What a gorgeous video!!!
    You persevered and you could finally include the correct URL.
    Good for you, Holger!

  2. Hello Hoolgi,
    I liked A LOT the video! I think that the video is right in alll the points, she is a lovely WOMEN!
    Haappy Birthday School!
    Belu D

  3. Hello:

    I like all what mother Teresa did, Of all love and peace to help another people she leaved all his work that was a school and all his familiy and when she went and help them she had to live like them!! I like a lot what she did and how she thought not only of her, alsos In another people in calcutta:
    chaira 6C