Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Extra Activities

Hello 6th and everyone else who is reading this post:
If you could have extra activities before school, which ones will you choose?
You can also mention the extra activities you do (If you have any).
If you want, you can say why and you can even write the ones you don't like.
Please post
Tomi N.


  1. A very good idea! In my case I go to gym and to dancing lessons as I enjoy them a lot and they are relaxing!
    A very colourful post!

  2. Hello Tomas...

    I liked the post it was very intresting..... if I would have an extra activity I would have Football



  3. Hello Tomas,
    I realy liked this post

    (we comment ew don't post)

  4. Hello Tomas,
    I really liked the post. My estra activites after school are : The Mondays I go to Tennis, I like it but im I VERY TIRED the Mondays. The tuesday I do QUILT, with my mom and my sister, it is very FUNNY AND GREAT! The Wensday I go to Art, VERY VERY FUN! The Thursday I go to FRENCH and then to Sing! But Sing I dont go more! My week is very complete as you see! Haha..
    Belu D 6B

  5. Hello Tomas , this is really a good post and also creative . If I would have an extra activity I would like to do art and some sport like hockey .
    Very good post , Thank you Bye
    Victoria I 6a