Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Have you ever seen an optical illusion?
If you didn't see one you have the chance of seeing one.There are milions of optical illusions but maybe you thought of the ones in youtube
that a horrible face appears.
If you want and you like it, post
Tomi N.
This one is: Are this lines STRAIGHT or IN BAD ORDER?
(This idea was taken from Andres G. from 6B or bumbelbees).


  1. Great idea!!! Excellent that you mentioned Andres'idea!, if not it would be plagiarism!

  2. Hello Tomas,
    Yes, I have seen a lot of Optical Ilutions in my life! But these one is great! For there are STRAIGHT LINES, then you have to put another post saying the answer. Yes, I remember Andres' idea!
    Belu D 6b

  3. Hi Tomas Ive seen lots of optical ilusions, I already seen these on, the lines are straight. Well I liked your idea of optical ilusions, for me there are fun. Thanks.

    joaco.m 6a

  4. Hello tomas, I think that this lines are straight, but the mixture of colors makes it an ilusion...
    I really liked your post...
    See you
    Domi 6c

  5. Hi Tomas great Post I like optical ilusions , I think the lines are staight.
    Thank you , Great Idea
    Victoria I 6a