Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Choose your own Fantasy Story

We just made a
Choose your own Fantasy Story
I would like you to answer this question.
Which part of your story did you like most?
Or did you like all the story?????
Today (Tuesday) We saw a video of coldplay Did you like it? If you do not remember which video here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N9rH2x5KUw
This is a video that I liked. (about Coke and mentos)


  1. Hello Carla, The part I most like was my part that I dod ALONE! It was all of MY imagination. But most of it I liked all the Story COMPLETELY! Yes, I really liked the Video Clip of Cold Play.
    Kisses Belu D of 6B

  2. Hello Carla!!
    How are you? The part that I like most of the story was the one I wrote. The video about mentos and coke was really cool. This remaind me a show and tell a boy did last year were he put 8 mentos in a bottle of coke. But I started seeing the liters and liters of coke in the air I started thinking of all the liquid wasted,when that could go I don't know to africa where people have nothing to drink and they die of not having anything to drink. So I think that liquid wasted could have gone to a place were it was needed and not to make a fountain, but in the other hand I really like the video.
    Good bye,
    Jose G.M 6A Montieth