Monday, 1 June 2009

The answer to the problem

Hello everyone.I told you that I was going to post the answers to the maths problem.
Here it is:
As we can only use one weigh, we gather up the coins in the following way:
1 of the bag nº 1
2 of the bag nº2
3 of the bag nº 3
4 of the bag nº4
5 of the bag nº5
6 of the bag nº 6
7 of the bag nº 7
8 of the bag nº8
9 of the bag nº9
10 of the bag nº10
11 of the bag nº11
12 of the bag nº12
When you finished making these procedure, you will have 55 coins .Then ,place the coins in the one-pan balance. If every coin would weigh 10 grams, the result on the balance would be 550 grams. But, as we gathered up the coins in that way, if the result is 551, the bag that has the 11 gram coins would be bag one because we placed only one coin of the bag one. In the same way, if the result is 562, the bag that has the 11 gram coins would be bag twelve because we placed 12 coins of bag 12.
This is one of the answers, but in the book there are more.
If you find another answer to the problem, just comment.
Tell me if you liked it or not, so if you do, I will post more problems.
I hope you liked the problem.


  1. Hello year six!!!
    Here are the answers to the problem.
    I hope I didn`t confuse you!!!
    Try to find other answers because there are MANY MORE !!!!

  2. Hello Miss Eleonora:

    I didn't thought that this could e one of the answers. It was a really challenge.

    See you tomorrow,

    Rairo Sa. 6b

  3. WOW! I would have never imagined all these answers!
    Good job!

  4. Hello Eleo,
    I put an answer that now that I see these one, I see that is wrong. I think this is a really good challenge and I think that nobody could answer it well. I don´t now more answers. I liked a lot the post, I say you that if you can you can post more math problems but a little bit easier because that one waas very difficult. I think if Ceci could do it??? We can ask her tomorrow at school. Eleo, the post is great, keep on posting.
    Beluu of 6b

  5. Hello Ele, it was obviesly that I would not do it, becasue it has a lot of answers, jaja. I think you like maths and writing a lot, jaja.
    YOUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b