Monday, 8 June 2009


Hello I am Jose,

Who is your hero???

The creative and interesting answers will get 3 extra housepoints!!(remember putting your name,form and house!)


  1. Hi Jose!!
    I don´t actually have a hero, but i´m sure that there are many other heroes which don´t only help my or did something for me but people who helped all the society, not only one person but many. I think that a hero can be a doctor, but a doctor that really wants to help people and would do anything to save a life, that can be considered as a hero.
    Jessi.Y 6a fleming

  2. Miss Jose,
    My heroe the doctors because they save other peoples life. Or sometimes they try. There some doctors that change the world discovering a new medicine. But I will never be a doctor I do not like to see blood it is horrible. I their very brave, helpfull and have very good characteristics. It is something that we need yes or yes in the world if not people will die with any cold or things like that.
    xoxoxox, martu.r flemming

  3. Jessi and Martu R.,
    I think you are very right,doctors are very good people, they save lives almost every day. They try to do the best and I think that is a very good example.
    Thankyou for posting!!

  4. Jose
    I forgot to tell you that is a good idea this post I have to think soomething to post in mine but i dont nowwww

    xoxoxo martu.r 6a flemming

  5. Jose I want to know who is your hero can you post please

    xoxoxox martu.r flemming

  6. Hello Miss Josefina (jaja):

    I think that my hero is really someone who works for the society (a legally job). What I mean is: Example:
    Architect: Scetches our homes.
    Doctors: Help us when we have a sickness.
    Builder: Builds our homes.
    Cleaners in School: Cleans durt at school.
    Teacher: Teach us.
    Well, that's what I meant.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B Dodds

  7. Hello Jose,
    Great posts, they aer very interasting. When you can check in 6b blog that there are three posts if you want to comment.
    For me, everyone is a hero because if you help a friend that is a hero, if you help someone you are a hero for that person. But a famouse hero that for people they are well-known, They are like doctors, because as many comments said, because they help people by helling them or even helping them. Also, detectives are heroes becuase they help people discover the mysteries. Then, also the police because when there is an URGENT, they go rapetly and solve it. The fireman, becuase they turn off teh fire with help of water.
    Jose, I had to put the thinking cap, while doing this excercise.. or comment! It is great and very original.. KEEP ON!

  8. Hello Jose here are the answers to the questions:
    My hero is "everybody" because everybody is a hero ad everybody help you in a really usefull way or in not so usefull way but still. If someone helps you in something that isn't that important to you it doesn¡t matterhe/she is still a great hero no matter how usefull the help was to you. W ell it's obvious that if someone helps you in something that you really care youd be much happier. But everyone can be a great hero for you at any time. It's not that a famous person has to be a hero.Jose you can be a great hero no matter how big was your help, it never matters you will always be a hero to someone.
    bye Jose
    amalia.g 6a MONTEITH

  9. Josefina:

    I think a real hero are the fire-fighters that work for no money, they put their own lives into their job and dont recieve any benefits. They save lives and not 1, 2, if not that thousands of lives. Imagine a world without fire-fighters, can you simply imagine that sort of caos??

    Now, it would be much times worse not to have them, global warming can turn a forest into fire, just leave a bottle liying on a rock, imagine you forget a plastic bottle or a metal can on a rock near some trees. You should say its impossible but it isn't, I think I saw it in NatGeo or Discovery, some kind of channel as those. Well, what I mean is that by just leaving a bottle you can fire up a forest, but what a surprise!!!!!!!! Fire-fighters come to the rescue!!!!! They immediatly turn of the caos into simply some ashes and maybe some smoke.
    Oh, oh, imagine this, the graphics would be awsome but not the unfortunate people, just the exlotions.
    Imagine a gas industry, with a tiny itsy bitsy spark, BUM, a gigantic explosion. Millions of workers lives are in danger due to the fire, 911 emergencies and you call the
    fire-fighters. They immediatly come and not so immediatly turn off the fire, but will certainly finally turn off the fire. All the workers will be thankful to some people that risk their lives to save others for no money, the FIRE-FIGHTERS.

    If you read this, thankyou for your interest.
    I hope this is enough to answer your question.

    Marcos.T - 6A

  10. WOW!!!!! I cannot believe the length of the comments! You have been very successful, Jose! You will go far!! Bye. Miss Ale

  11. hI JOSE i dont actualy know who is my hero i might have many heros because there many people that help me and other persons and there are many heros so i dont know wich one chose


    carla d

  12. Hi jose
    I was just thinking who could be my hero and then i thougt that eney body could be a hero.You actualy dont have to save some ones life if you pick up papers from the floor you could be a hero also if you helpsomeone with his homework you also are a hero.Not allways heros have to save someones life maybe he could peek papers from the floor and knowbody knows that but the one how peeks up papers on the floor is a hero.



  13. Jose,
    My hero is my theatre teacher beacuse he takes his time teaching children to act when he could be doing many other things. He is especial for me because he is not any teacher, he teaches me what I like. He always helps whenever he can and I appriciatet a lot.
    Kisses& Hugs,
    Agus m 6a dodds ol

  14. Josefina my hero are the fire man because without them all things would bee burnt and I admire them
    nice post.

    joaco.m monteith 6a

  15. Hi my heroes are the doctors because they save people lives. When someone is hurt or cut they cure the person. Also there are doctors who investigate about illnesses, and medicines to cure them.
    I don´t like vaccines but they are very important for our bodies.

    I also have another heroe that is the fireman. Because when someone is in a house and suddenly the whole house is coming down because of the fire, the fireman saves people lives and sacrifices to save others(self-sacrificing).

    jorge.s brown 6b

  16. Josefina:

    My hero is my dad because he is always present when I need help, he tought me how to the all the sports that now a day I am doing. My heroine is my mother because she is always present when I need help, she takes to all the places I need to go.

    But also my heros are all the people help the people like the police, the firmen, doctors, ect.
    Santiago l. 6a fleming

  17. Good to see Santi blogging from Mar del Plata!!!!

  18. Hi Jose
    I do not have a hero really but I can say lots of thing about them.A hero is a person that works for no money and sacrifises in a way.But you can have a daily hero, a friend for example does not have to save your life or such a thing its enough with keeping your secrets, supporting you in the most difficult moments and the easiest or in other worst momments.In other words in the goods and in the bads.
    Keep Posting 6A!!!!
    ignaciof6a FLEMING

  19. Hello Josee,
    I think my hero is my aunt, because she has a "sindrome de down" she has a leg that has a problem... And she can't walk without a thing that goes "enganchada" to her leg and even if she has that little peace for her leg she walks bad but she is like Mother Teresa, but i think better and these are the reasons:
    She helps lot's of people that need help, like people with "sindrome de down" like her or poor people and much more... She also particiates of a center that makes puppets and then they make puppet shows for people in need... My aunt helps a lot in Comunity Service, and i am really proud of her because even she has some little problems she is able to come out and help others with her same problem or worse.... I would love to see everyon take life as she does, easy and calm... and helping others, than later will help you!

    Well this post was great and as all the other posts i have commented it made me think a lot and that is how i do to answer. Read, Think, Answer... I call it the RTA "subject" it is like and extra subject that helps my mentality "fly"...

    Well xoxox

    Good Byeee
    Martuu.P,6b,MONTIETH!!! (FOR EVER(l)(l) AJAJ)

  20. hello Jose,
    I can´t say that I have A hero of special all did something well for the humanty so I don´t know
    I like your question that know its has an answer.
    chiara 6C