Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Who would you be...?

Im oli.b of 6a
Hello 6 students ,Here I have prepared some questions I wanted to know:

Would you rather be

A HERO or a celebrity?

Tell me your answers in the comment


  1. I would prefere to be a celebrety becausei don´t want to be soo important to people.


  2. I woul preafere to be the both because there all famouse and because the hero help people and is a well now man or woman by there act of voluntter and to be a celebrity because you will be famous or not and because i like all the part of acting.
    Bye continu posting oli.

    Martina.t 6a

  3. Hello Oli,
    OLi, great question!! I would prefer to be a hero because I do something that not is only for me, ts for me and may people more!! Oli great post, I had great fun thinking what I would prefer. I enjoy the ppost a llot. I love it!!
    PD: The school is suspended because there was a case!!
    Beluuuu of 6b

  4. Hello Oli, I would like to be a hero, because I would change the world in a good way and that is fine! Your post has a very good question, that I never asked my self, it was a good one.
    YOUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b

  5. Hi Olivia,
    I would prefer to be a hero because you feel very proud of yourself if you are a celebrity, but thinking that you made a positive change in society thanks to a very heroic deed(act,performance) makes you feel much better, I am sure that being a hero would be much better than being a celebrity!
    See you later,

    Ps: please answer on a comment what would it be your answer to your question

  6. I would rather be a heroine by contributing positively to society, by helping people in need or just by making a positive difference in someone's life!

  7. i wiould rather be a hero because its more fun and i don't like political or that tipes of things

  8. hello

    i would rather be a celebrety because i don´t consider a very important person for the world.
    keep on posting.
    marcos.s 6b

  9. I would like to be a hero and save somebody or something very inportant to the world
    lourdes m.

  10. HI OLI
    I will prefere to be a heroine because you wil help others and be a good person felling well of what you made to help. Celebrities can be good or bad

    good question martu.r

  11. Hello Olivia
    I would like to be a hero because I like to help people and save the world but a calebrity can not necesarily be a good person but also it can be a bad one.

    Good and inteligent question Tomas Y 6c