Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Im olivia.b

I hope you enjoy reading this poem full of similes:

As wet as a fish,as dry as a bone,
As live as a bird,as dead as a stone,
As plump as a partrige,as poor as a rat,
As as strong as a horse, as weak as a cat,
As hard as a flint, as soft as a mole,
As white as a lily, as black as a coal,
As red as a rose, as square as a box,
As bold as a thief, as sly as a fox.


  1. Hello, good poem all words made sawnd to each ather. I like it.
    Bye continue posting.

    Martina.t 6a

  2. Hello Oli,
    The poem is ggreat adn funny!! I enjoy it a lot. But did you invented it! Becuase its great all the similies connecty to each other. I looooove it!
    Beluuuuu of 6b

  3. Hello Miss Olivia (jaja):

    I like very much the poem of similes. One thing I don't agree with it is the part that said: "as weak as a cat" because today my cousin's cat threw herself to my cousin and she scratch her. Well, I like a lot the poem.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa.

  4. Y4 students should read this poem as they are working on similes now! A good idea Oli!

  5. Hi Oli I liked a lot your post it was a very creative idea keep on posting this kind of posts i like them a lot.

  6. Hi oli this post was the one i choosed because it was the one i liked, it is very interesting!!
    Keep posting this fun posts!!
    Jessi.Y 6a

  7. Hello Oli, I liked the poem that you invented.
    I will start thinking what I will post.
    See you soon!!!



  8. Hello Good idea of posting a poem it sound very good. I dont know what to post and my time is coming

    good post martur 6a

  9. HI oli

    these post was a very good idea you shoul keep posting these caind of posts, I agree with the other ones that said that the post was great


    Carla d