Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I would like to share with you this.....

Hi everyone,   yesterday I was thinking what I will post on the Blog so I saw a book that talked about animals and I chose to post about an animal that is the Elephant.  
Has ever anyone told you that you have a memory like an Elephant , but do  Elephants really have memory?
 Yes they REALLY HAVE MEMORY . People who work with them can tell us this because when they teach them a type of signs they learn them and don't forget them.  Elephants remember  the people they like and the people they don't like, they also remember good and bad experiences.
Did you know this ? If you didn't  know or you knew please comment on this post.    Thank you.


                                                                                            This photo is taken from : Google.


  1. Hello Miss Victoria:

    I knew this and I think it's amazing. I really think it's true.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B

  2. Hello Vicky!
    A good idea!!
    Some of the facts I knew but I did not know the fact that if they like somebody they will remember him/her. You will go far!!!

  3. Hello Vicky,
    I didnt {knew these information, so it was all knew for me in these post! Its amazing that! I couldnt imagen it the first tinme I read it! Woaaw! Well, the information is great
    A the post

  4. Hi Vicky!!
    I didn´t know this and I never asked myself a question like this, but now that I read it I think it is very interesting. They must be very intelligent too as they can remember the people they like and dislike, plus signs!!!
    Jessi.Y 6a