Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mini holiday's!!!

hello friends
I'm Nico

As we were away from school these past days but with work to do, I want you to tell me the things you did. I went to the football match last week and spent a wonderful time. You could have also gone on a trip,to the farm or even to someone's house and spent a very good time there.

I wait for comments on your wonderful time you spent during these last days.



  1. Hello Nico!
    I believe they were not really holidays!! You had lots of work to do and you had to try to stay indoos to avoid contaging the flu. It was different because perhaps you did not wake up so early and you could stay in bed for a little bit longer. Let's hope we can be back all together at school on Wednesday, June 17th as usual!
    Have a nice week end!

  2. Hello Nico,
    I had a wonderful time with my friends on Friday in the party of Chiara! Then, I went to a friends house that is on my country and then she came to my house and I enjoy it and had great time and fun! The mayority of the time of week days we have to study because as the teachers say, we arent on holidays. But, I wake up the mayority of the days vy 11:30 but then I am going to get up at that hour and then when we go back yo school on Wensday 17, I am not going to wake uo any more! But all this time that I spent in my house I was on the computer all the time because they send us the work per mail so I was in the computer the mayority of the time, as I think you also, But I had great time! I prefer being at school becuase I am with my friends and have great time in break and at school! I miss them a lot! The post is excellent and very original. Great job, Keep on! You will go far as Miss Ale says!

  3. Hello Nico,
    During this holidays I went a lot to my friends houses from San Andres and from Northlands and even other schools.
    The bad thing was that this is not a holiday because we have a lot of homework!! My mother is going on a trip,I will love to go but I can because we have school and she doesn't want me to lose more classes.
    At least we woke up late and we rest quiet a lot.
    This post was very original!
    Keep on posting 6A,and the other sixes.
    Good bye,
    Jose G.M 6A monteith

  4. Hi Nico I liked a lot this post it was very creative. I have gone to a friends house and stayed at home doing home work .
    Very Good Post , bye
    Vicky I

  5. Hello Mr. Nico (jaja):

    I like this post, it's very creative. I think we had very toughs week, but I really enjoyed sleeping not so early. It was a very interesting post,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B

  6. Hi
    I had to waik up early some days because i had to gowith my mother because she didnt let my to be alone but others days i slept a lot

    bye martu.r

  7. Hello Nico,
    I stayed in my house the first week, because my mother was VERYY SCARED of the Swine Flu, but the second week she let me invite Maru.S and Oli.P, and we had a great time, we were able to do a lot of homework andi think even finish it with Oli... So i really think we shouldn't have gone any were because our teachers gave us piles of homework, and i think that if i had done something more i wouldn't have been able to finish the homework..... Well i hope everyone who did something like you were able to finish all there homework, because i wouldn't have been able. Because i really took my time to do everything....
    Well great idea and your post as many others really made me think.

    Good Byeee


  8. Hello Nico,
    (again) Your post was very good and i stayed thinking of it, and i remembered i had done some other things, like i went to Chiara's party, then i also went to the cinema with all my family to see some movie whcich i don't remember, later on i went to the cinema (again) and we saw a movie my brother wanted (and i didn't), it was called Terminator La Salvación, some days after i went to an hotel and we went to the pool and we had a lot of fun! I liked it a lot because it was indoor, and there was a "TECHO CORREDISO!!" ajaja....Well i loved it... I really can't believe i was able to do all my homework and do all those things i did, plus much more, well ...

  9. hello nico,
    I did a lot of homework, I went to my granmothers house, and I see all my family and friends in my birthday party, but almost I did homework of homeschooling and I went to the museo of Science, it was fantastic, I went to the zoo and I see all my family of my birthday it was the 5th of june.
    I think That we have more homework that waht we do in school.
    great post
    I like your question
    chiara 6C